PACmon(Power acquisition Control and Monitoring) version 2.0 is a hardware and software solution for measure power features of low power boards and system.
This equipment provides web-based power monitoring and profiling to developers and testers.PACmon 2.0 can capture voltage, current, power and temperature data for a certain amount of time from each component on your board. It show the real time measuring data by graphical web interface.PACmon 2.0 plots power and temperature data of each channels as a line graph so that you can easily observe the shape of graph and compare with each other. Also PACmon 2.0 show you information of Processors, and usage of CPUs and Memory.


  • Power Measurement
    • 2.5V/2.5A 8 channels
    • 15V/10A 2 channels
  • Temperature Measurement : 2 channels
  •  Profiling
    • Frequency states of processors, CPUs and GPUs
    • Usage of CPUs and Memor
  •  The board power rail must have SHUNT for measurement
  • WEB based real-time monitoring with user friendly graphical interface

Measuring User Interface


Real-time Power Consumption Measuring


Analysis Result Chart

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