Multi-vision(LFD, Video Wall)

Support 3 types of solution for LFD and Video wall

  1. Multi-vision(LFD) with embedded media player board inside.
  2. General monitor with external CFMBOX-III signage player
  3. Multi-synchronous display

Multi-vision(LFD) with embedded media player

  • High stability and reliability with embedded multimedia player inside
  • Low cost, Easy installation and maintenance
  • Remote management without additional computer system.
    (You can use your computer)
  • Each monitor display one video/image or display individual video/image.
  • Landscape, portrait video wall implement

Embedded media player board inside

General LCD monitor with CFMBOX-III

Multi-synchronous display

  • Synchronize some monitors together.
  • Each monitor can display 1920×1080 resolution contents.
  • You can extend monitor to very large flat display(LFD) with high quality resolution.
  • Synchronize with LAN, WiFi or GPIO(for small quantity)
  • LED façade display, soccer, football and others stadium advertisement.