Signage Player


Digital Signage Player is Digital advertising and a variety of needs in the part of visual display requirements, the best solution that can be all of the system configuration is implemented in an embedded system.

This system is simple, reliable and higher reliability. All players accumulated many years of products with own hardware and software technology developed by the promise that support the best technical.

LCD All-in-one Signage Monitor


DS-VIEW was designed for the advertising industry monitor as a digital signage board, the DS5000 board has made by own network, as well as remote management using multi-vision and multi-sync capabilities. production of the monitor type, flush, multi vision only, bar type, stand type, etc.. and for 7″ up to 82″ produced

Managment Software

Management S/W

1. WE-Edition

  • WE-Edition is WEB based digital signage management software with networking support. This software support remote device management, status monitoring and log data management, contents and firmware update, multi-zone and scheduling.

2. ME-Edition

  • ME-Edition is management software for video wall and LFD(Large Flat Display) with digital signage device. This software support dynamic display operation without additional hardware.

Interactive Module

Device Control Unit (DCU)

An interactive type operation is one which allows direct communication between the human and the machine. The DCU is used for human and the digital signage device interface with button and motion detect sensor.
This module is suitable for Kiosk or information system at museums, tourist center and shopping mall application.
DCU and digital signage player provide standard industrial DVD control protocol.

Expansion Module

Expansion Module

The expansion module for DS5000 and DS5100 digital signage player board is used for video/audio split & switcher, LED control unit.
The expansion module controlled by DS5000 & DS5100 board with GPIO interface.